Cable Dual Controls

Dual Controls QLD is the authorised agent of Australia for supplying and installing the genuine patented designed "Peheja Universal Cable Dual Controls".

Peheja Controls are the "original" and "patented designed" cable dual pedal controls developed for the driver training industry.

Designed and patented by Peheja BV, the original market leading manufacture of "Universal Cable Dual Controls" sold and installed in over 12 countries around the world.

Peheja are at the forefront of manual and automatic "Universal Cable Controls" having been manufacturing for over 30 years.

Peheja is the most pioneering dual control unit in the world and has become one of the leading producers of dual controls.

Peheja products are continually being refined and are constantly tested for safety, quality, durability and functionality. Peheja products are made by a team of highly experienced technicians and product developers.

Be aware of inferior copycats and look-a-like dual controls, they may look similar to the Peheja design but place them alongside Peheja's controls and you will immediately notice the differences in quality, from the materials used to the subtle differences in the design and construction.

Only the original patent designed Peheja cable controls will have stamped:

  • Patent Number BR Pat 2017604
  • L Peheja BV

Inferior brands may attract cheaper prices and cheaper quality materials that may cause an operation failure.

All components in the Peheja unit are made from top-quality sustainable materials. A detailed post production inspection and frequent testing by the independent inspection body TÜV Automotive guarantee an optimal and safe product.

Peheja cables are bowden, nylon coated with a chromium steel inner cable, and stretch up to 590kg. Strong nylon pulleys eliminate wear on cable wires and steel ball bearings also add to the smooth and precise operations of the accelerator, brake and / or clutch pedals.

LC2 Certification Place