About Us

Dual Controls QLD install the original 'Bar Type Dual Control' pedals that have been approved by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

For over 25 years Dual Controls QLD has been manufacturing, installing and supplying manual and automatic dual controls for driving school vehicles throughout QLD, the Northern Territory and Northern New South Wales.

Our reputation is founded on the use of high quality materials in our products and experienced workmanship.

Specializing in the manufacture and installation of dual controls, we have stood the test of time to become one of the leading providers of dual control units.

Over the years we have built a wealth of professional experience and practical knowledge installing dual controls and maintain our professional workmanship by continually developing our product knowledge and skills to deliver high quality dual control units.

Inferior dual controls may attract cheaper prices and cheaper quality materials that may increase the risk of failure.

We provide:

  • An 'A' Grade Automotive Mechanic
  • Transport and Main Roads approved LC2 certification
  • Light vehicle modification and blue plate certification